Mini-Test Answer: She can’t buy an iPhone 4s.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The answer to the test is B.

         Tīngshuō iPhone 4s yào chūshòu le.
   Ivy: 听说       iPhone 4s  要     出售      了。
          I heard the iPhone 4s hit the shelves.

         Shì a, yàoshì wǒ néng mǎi yí bù jiù hǎo le.
Mary: 是啊,要是 我    能      买 一 部 就 好 了。
         Yeah me too. If only I could buy one!


The expression “要是 (yàoshì)” indicates the phrases if only, suppose, or in case. It’s used to express a thought, wish, or guess. In the dialogue, Mary wishes she could afford an iPhone, but unfortunately cannot.

Wǒ yàoshì néng zài jiàndào tā jiù hǎo le.
我    要是     能      再   见到   她 就 好了。
If only I could meet her again.

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