Mini-Test Answer: Alright?/OK?

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer for the test is C. Alright?/OK?


               Qīn’ài de, shíyī wǒmen qù Shànghǎi hǎobuhǎo?
Wife: 亲爱  的,十一 我们    去 上海         好不好?

Dear, how about going to Shanghai on Oct. 1st?
                Hǎo, dōu tīng nǐ de.
Husband: 好,都 听   你 的。

Ok. It’s up to you.


The phrase “好不好 (hǎobuhǎo)” can be used to make an inquiry and is always placed at the end of the sentence.

For example:    

Zhōumò qù guàngjiē hǎobuhǎo?
Linda: 周末      去    逛街        好不好?

How about going shopping this weekend?

          Hǎo a.
 Tina: 好啊。


This phrase is also used to inquire as to whether the quality of something is good or not.

For example:           
           Zhè yīfu zhìliàng hǎobuhǎo ya?
Buyer: 这  衣服 质量       好不好     呀?

What about the quality of the clothes?

           Tǐng hǎo de, nǐ jiù fàngxīn ba.
Seller: 挺    好 的,你就   放心    吧。

Very good, don’t worry at all.

Cultural note: “十一 (shíyī)” refers to “国庆节 (Guóqìngjié) National Day,” which is a 7-day national holiday starting on Oct. 1st. People in China usually use the informal and shortened form “十一 (shíyī)” to refer to this holiday.

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