Let’s Play Some Ball Games in the Year of 2022!

In the last article, you learned the song and the slogan which reflects the spirit of the World Cup:“One World, One Dream”. Can you and your children sing it yet? Besides football, what other ball games do you and your kids like to play in daily life? Basketball, volleyball, tennis or baseball? Do you want to know how to say these games in Chinese? Click the video and study with us now!

Language points that you need to know:

1. 篮球(lánqiú ) : basketball


Wǒ xǐhuān dǎ lánqiú.
我 喜欢 打 篮球。
I like playing basketball.

2. 足球(zúqiú): soccer ball/ football


Wǒ měi gè zhōumò dōu tī zúqiú.
我 每 个 周末 都 踢 足球。
I play football every weekend.

3. 网球(wǎngqiú):tennis ball


Wǒ bù xǐhuān dǎ wǎngqiú.
我 不 喜欢 打 网球。
I don’t like playing tennis.

4. 乒乓球(pīngpāngqiú.):table tennis


Wǒ zài xuéxiào dǎ pīngpāngqiú.
我 在 学校 打 乒乓球。
I play table tennis at school.

5. 高尔夫(gāo’ěrfū):golf ball


Wǒ bú huì dǎ gāo’ěrfūqiú.
我 不 会 打 高尔夫球。
I don’t know how to play golf ball.



Tā zài dǎ páiqiú.
她 在 打 排球。
She is playing volleyball.



Tā xǐhuān dǎ bàngqiú.
他 喜欢 打 棒球。
He likes playing baseball.

8. 沙滩球(shātān qiú):beach ball


Nàlǐ yǒu yī gè shātān qiú.
那里 有 一 个 沙滩 球。
There is a beach ball.

Have your kids learned how to say these fun ball games in Chinese now? You’re welcome to share your children’ stories of playing ball games with us in the comments. Stay tuned, because we’ll teach your kid more interesting and useful Chinese knowledge!

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