Learn the meaning behind the phrase “吃土 (chītǔ) eating dirt” (Beginner)

吃土 (eating dirt)

Jack: Eric, néng jiè diǎnr qián gěi wǒ ma?
Jack: Eric,  能    借 点儿   钱    给  我  吗?
Jack: Eric, can you lend me some money?
Eric: Nǐ yòu méi qián le?
Eric: 你  又   没   钱  了?
Eric: You ran out of money again?
Jack: Shì a, wǒ xiànzài qióng de zhǐnéng chītǔ le.
Jack: 是啊,我  现在     穷    得   只能    吃土 了。
Jack: Yeah, I’m _____.
What can we learn from the dialogue?
A. Jack wants to eat dirt.
B. Jack wants to borrow some money to buy dirt.
C. Jack is too poor to buy something to eat.
D. Jack wants to ask Eric to eat dirt.

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