Chinese For Kids: How To Say Body Parts In Chinese? (Beginner)

Do you know how to say body parts in Chinese? For instance, how do you say “mouth” and “eye?” Now, let’s look at the pictures and learn to speak the Mandarin words for some body parts together!


Tā de zuǐba zhǎngde hěn kě’ài.
她 的 嘴巴   长得       很    可爱。

Her little mouth is so cute.


Wǒ nǚ’ér yǒu yìshuāng měilì de lán yǎnjing 
我   女儿 有      一双      美丽  的  蓝   眼睛。

My daughter has a pair of beautiful blue eyes.


Dàxiàng de bízi hěn cháng.
大象       的 鼻子 很   长。

The elephant’s nose is very long.


Tùzi de ěrduo hěncháng, kànqǐlái kě’ài jí le.
兔子的 耳朵       很长,    看起来  可爱极 了。

The rabbit’s ears are very long, and they look so cute.
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0 thoughts on “Chinese For Kids: How To Say Body Parts In Chinese? (Beginner)”

  1. When I learned to speak Mandarin, I was taught that “嘴 (zuǐ)” actually means “mouth,” so what’s the difference between “嘴巴 (zuǐba)” and “嘴 (zuǐ)?”

  2. Learning to speak Mandarin through photos is a fun way to remember new words. Also, I’d like to add some more body parts for this lesson.
    “眉毛 (méimao) eyebrow”
    “下巴 (xiàbā) chin”

  3. Actually, they are the same. “嘴 (zuǐ)” is just the short form for “嘴巴 (zuǐba).”

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