How to Excel in Reading Section of CAIE IGCSE Mandrain Exam for Second Language

Mastering the reading section of the CAIE IGCSE Chinese exam for second language learners can be a challenging task. However, with the right strategies and a positive mindset, you can excel in this section and boost your overall exam performance. In this article, we explain a real reading section of CAIE IGCSE and discover effective tips and techniques to help you improve your reading skills.


In the first paragraph of the article, we learned that Ziheng will be 11 years old at the end of this year, but in the third paragraph it was written, “正好刘老师今年夏天会参与九江市国际象棋集训营的培训,赵先生觉得机会难得,让子恒报名参加. It can be seen that the registration time is this summer, not yet the end of the year, so it is 10 years old.


From the first sentence of the article, “赵子昌是南昌八中初一3班的一名学生, we can know that Zhao Ziheng studied in Nanchang No. 8 Middle School.


The question asked about the address, so we looked for the address in the article and found that there are 2 places in total. The first one is “南昌东湖区中山路77号的少年宫有国际象棋兴趣班“. It can be seen that this is just the address of the interest class , but it is not Zhao Ziheng’s permanent address. The second place where the address appears is “集训营离子恒在南昌市桃山区学府路112号的家很远“. It can be concluded that No. 112 Xuefu Road, Taoshan District, Nanchang City is Zhao Ziheng’s permanent address.


The second paragraph of the article clearly states that the child has won these two categories of awards.


From the penultimate sentence in the last paragraph of the article, “除了下棋,子恒还喜欢阅读侦探小说“. It can be seen that his other hobby is reading detective novels.

6. 报名级别:大师班

Locate the last sentence of the third paragraph in the article, “子恒以目前的成绩刚好够资格参加刘老师的大师班“. It can be seen that the level is a master class.

7. 住宿要求:三人间

From the last paragraph of the article, “尽管集训营提供单人房,赵先生决定让子恒住三人间” . It can be seen that the accommodation requirement is a triple room.

Tips for answering this type of question:

1.Read the entire text: Start by comprehensively reading the entire passage to gain a complete understanding of the content.

2.Analyze the article: Pay close attention to the details and key points discussed in the article to grasp its main message and purpose.

3.Identify the question’s focus: Determine the specific topic or aspect the question is targeting within the text.

4.Locate relevant information: Use your understanding of the article to find the specific section or paragraph that contains relevant details related to the question.

5.Read the relevant section carefully: Once you’ve identified the relevant portion, read it attentively to extract the necessary information.

6.Combine context and common sense: Consider the broader context of the passage and use your own reasoning and common sense to interpret and answer the question accurately.

7.Verify your answer: Double-check your response to ensure it aligns with the information provided in the text and accurately addresses the question.

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