How  Parents Can Help Kids to Improve Their Chinese Reading?

Educator Sukhomlinsky said, “A child who does not read is a potentially poor student in learning.
For Chinese language learning, reading is very important. In Chinese exams, there is a saying “The reader gets the world.“. In fact, this applies not only to Chinese exams but also to everyday Chinese learning.
Many non-Chinese parents may find it difficult to get their children to love reading and develop good reading habits.

Chinese courses
Here are some suggestions from eChineselearning:
Find Chinese reading materials:

Non-Chinese parents can look for Chinese books, magazines, and newspapers that are appropriate for their children’s reading level. They can also explore online resources in Chinese websites such as or blogs that have easy-to-read articles for children. We also have a considerable amount of Chinese learning resources on our official website.

Watch Chinese cartoons and movies:

Watching Chinese cartoons, such as Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Super Wings, The Big Head Son and Little Head Father. And watching Chinese movies, such as Kung Fu Panda, Boonie Bears, Big Fish & Begonia. All these can help children become familiar with the language and improve their listening and reading skills. If you encounter video content that is difficult to understand, parents can also use subtitles to help their children understand the dialogue.

More recommendations here:

Emphasize daily use:

Encourage your children to use Chinese in their daily lives. This could include reading Chinese menus when ordering food or reading an ancient poem to family members in Chinese. The more they use Chinese, the more their reading ability will improve.

Hire a tutor:

Non-Chinese parents can consider hiring a Chinese language tutor (can be online as well as offline) to provide one-on-one instruction to their children. For non-Chinese parents, this is probably the most effective way to help their children learn Chinese. And I prefer an online Chinese teacher because it is more convenient to teach online, you can have a class wherever and whenever you want.

Finally, here are some more notes:

● Please do not rashly interrupt your child when he is very engrossed in reading;
● Parents should put away utilitarianism in the process of supervision and realize that reading is for building the spiritual world. If your child does not learn a lot of Chinese in reading, do not blame, but encourage.
Remember, consistency is key. Parents should make an effort to integrate Chinese language learning into their children’s daily routine, providing regular exposure to the language in a fun and engaging way.

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