hold住 (hold zhù) I got this under control./Hang in there!

“hold住 (hold zhù)” originated from the Sino-British, mixed language in Hong Kong. Its sudden popularization was sparked by internet sensation, Miss Lin, who during an appearance on a Taiwanese variety show, demonstrated fashion ideals to college students by enlisting exaggerated styles, pretentious English and sexual behavior to the surprise of the live television audience. While going through her sudden style transformations, she would use the catchphrase, “整个场面我要hold住。(Zhěngge chǎngmiàn wǒ yào hold zhù.) I got it under control.”

Since then, netizens began to use the phrase “hold 住” to show confidence and a cool head when facing a challenge. The character “住 (zhù)” in the expression means “stable or solid,” A bit like relating oneself to a brick wall. When you’re confident in handling a situation, you can ease any skepticism by simply assuring, “我能hold住。 (Wǒ néng hold zhù.) I can get  this under control.” Many people may also use “hold 住” to cheer someone on, kind of like saying “hold on,” or “hang in there!” Also, keep in mind that its antonym “hold不住 (hold bú zhù)” is used to admit a situation has spiraled out of control, or that somebody can’t handle a situation.


2012 kuà nián zhī yè, Lady Gaga zàicì yǐ léirén zàoxíng hold zhù quán chǎng.

2012 跨     年    之夜,Lady Gaga 再次以 雷人   造型     hold  住    全      场。

At the 2012 New Year’s Eve party, Lady Gaga captivated the audience with another shocking get-ups.

           Liánzhe jiābān hǎo jǐtiān le, wǒ dōu lèi sǐ le.
Susan: 连着       加班   好   几天了,我都  累 死 了。

           We’ve been working over time a few days in a row now. I’m exhausted.

           Yídìng yào hold zhù! Mǎshàng jiù fàng Yuándàn jià le!
Elaine: 一定    要   hold 住!马上         就   放     元旦     假  了!

           Hang in there! New Year’s holiday is just around the corner.

           Jiù pà hold bú zhù ya!
Susan: 就怕  hold  不  住 呀!

            I am afraid that I can’t.

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