Exploring the Transition from YCT Level 3 to YCT Level 4

Moving from YCT Level 3 to YCT Level 4 is a challenging task! This journey is however both exciting and beneficial, taking examinees’s Mandarin proficiency to new heights.

YCT Level 3 requires a solid foundation for kids learning Mandarin, and Level 4 invites kids to delve deeper into the intricacies of Mandarin, challenging them to handle more complex scenarios and conversations.

In YCT Level 4, examinees will encounter a richer vocabulary, which will not only expand their lexical repertoire but also enhance their ability to express ideas accurately. Passing the YCT Level 3 textbook equips examinees with a vocabulary of 300 words, while passing Level 4 increases that to 600 words. With YCT Level 3, examinees can engage in simple and direct communication in Mandarin on familiar everyday topics, reaching an elementary level of proficiency. With YCT Level 4, examinees can accomplish basic communicative tasks in daily life and studies, and handle most communication tasks encountered while traveling in China.

YCT Level 3 consists of reading and listening sections, while Level 4 adds a writing section on top of that. This assesses examinees’s Chinese expression abilities and introduces a higher level of difficulty. YCT Level 4 includes 80 questions with an approximate testing time of 80 minutes, while Level 3 consists of 60 questions with a testing time of approximately 55 minutes.

The oral examination for YCT Level 4 is intermediate. Examinees need to comprehend and engage in simple oral communication with native Mandarin speakers using Mandarin. The vocabulary requirement is around 400 words, and there will be two additional question-response tasks that require examinees to demonstrate flexible Chinese oral expression abilities. In comparison, the oral examination for YCT Level 3 is at a beginner’s level and relatively simpler. It requires examinees to comprehend and orally express oneself in familiar everyday Mandarin, meeting basic communicative needs, with a vocabulary requirement of around 200 words.

The listening and reading sections of YCT Level 4 present narratives with a greater depth and complexity. Examinees will need to hone their skills in decoding subtle differences, mastering abstract concepts, and extracting information from various sources.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. YCT Level 4 is not just an examination but also a chance for personal development. It’s a transformative experience that will push examinees’s Mandarin proficiency.

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