YCT 4 Real Exam Question Practice and Analysis

While each successive Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is never the same, there are trends that we can see emerge over and over. This is why reviewing previous exams is useful – when you get used to patterns, question types, and expected areas of knowledge, that frees you up to actually focus on answering the question and show off what you know!
Let’s give these a try:

Real Exam Question Practice

1. 他生病了,()疼。
A. 兔子 B. 肚子 C. 个子

HSK 3 quiz

2. 春天来了,小草绿了,草地上的花也()了。
A. 响 B. 放 C. 开

HSK 3 quiz

3. 停车,这儿就是学校东门吧?
A. 决定 B. 以为 C. 记得

HSK 3 quiz

4. 我怕辣,你能吃辣吗?
A. 一样 B. 容易 C. 马虎

HSK 3 quiz

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