Top 3 Approaches to Conquering the CAIE IGCSE Chinese Reading Section

The reading part of the IGCSE Chinese examination often presents significant challenges to many students. However, it is an integral component. Today, we will delve into the reading section of the 2022 CAIE IGCSE Chinese exam and summarize how to answer such questions to help students achieve excellent results in this key aspect of the exam.


Analysis: In paragraph C, the first sentence is “虽然在海外平台创建账号的网红不少,但真正能取得成功的寥寥” . This sentence is consistent with the title description, and it is the only sentence in the whole text.


Analysis: “商业操作模式” refers to how does a company make money? However, only paragraph B in the article says “带货是网红们营收的普遍途径,多数成功的网红会通过打广告来变现” . These are business operation models. And none of the other paragraphs mention it.


Analysis: Paragraph A states, “比起李婉祺的宁静,白族姑娘滇西小妹的形象较活泼,偶尔会在视频当中和观众聊聊天,也邀请自己的家人参与到视频中” . Through comparison, it is first emphasized that the girl from West Yunnan has a lively image and occasionally chats with the audience in the video, which shows that Li Wanqi rarely interacts with the audience.


Analysis: In paragraph D: “她向国外观众输出的,正是如今中国人失落的文化。或许这是她不仅征服世界,也同样拥有众多国内粉丝的原因“. This explains why domestic fans pursue Li Wanqi.


Analysis: There is a word “购物(shopping)” in the question, so we look for paragraphs in the article that mention shopping. Only paragraph B is related to “shopping”, and the other paragraphs are not mentioned. In paragraph B, “对他们来说,在李婉祺店铺下单,自己就仿佛也参与到了她的田园生活当中“. It can be explained by one sentence.


Analysis: In paragraph A, “最近,一个叫李婉祺的姑娘,把中国传统文化和田园生活拍成视频上传网络,引发了海内外网友的关注“. This sentence says that the theme of Li Wanqi’s video content is traditional Chinese Culture and pastoral life.


Analysis: The title mentions the lifestyle of young people, indicating that we should look for paragraphs about the lifestyle of young people in the article. Only paragraph D states: “随着中国城市化进程越来越快,为数众多的农村年轻人涌向大城市,中国的农村文化正在逐渐衰落” . Only this paragraph mentions young people, and the main reason for changes in lifestyle is that rural young people are flocking to big cities, and China’s rural culture is gradually declining.


Analysis: The title includes foreign viewers and the original ecological life of the East, but only paragraph C of the article talks about “视频中所描述的那种生活方式——自给自足的饮食,贴近自然的居住环境“. These show the original ecological life of the East. Ecological life, and this paragraph also mentions foreigners.


Analysis: Paragraph A lists 滇西小妹, 小野and 手工迪, and also says that “不少中国网红纷纷入驻海外社交平台,并在去年得到了集中式的粉丝增长”. This is derived from this.


Analysis: The only part of the article related to 创收(revenue generation) is paragraph B.

Tips for answering these questions:

1. Do not rush to write down the answer before you clearly understand what you read.Because you have enough time to read the article carefully.

2. Reading and understanding the question carefully is as important as reading the article, which helps to find details related to the question.

3. After understanding both the article and the question, carefully read the relevant parts of the article on which the question is based. It may be helpful to underline or highlight key points in the text so that they can be easily found when writing your answer.

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