Preparing Your kid for Success in YCT Level 4 Writing

YCT Level 4 differs from other levels in that it includes a writing section, which is divided into two parts. In the first part, candidates are given 5 questions, and in each question, they are provided with several words and are required to construct a sentence using those words. In the second part, candidates are given 5 questions too,each question provides a sentence with blank spaces, and candidates need to write the correct Chinese characters in the given blanks. Here are some suggestions to help your kid prepare for and tackle the writing tasks of YCT Level 4:

Preparation Tips for Part 1:

1.Learn Sufficient Sentence Patterns

Encourage your kid to master some basic Chinese sentence structures. Based on the given words, they can combine them with the sentence structures they know. Initially, they can arrange the simplest sentences using their common knowledge, and for the remaining words, they can combine them with different sentence structures.

2 Practice on a Daily Basis

Encourage your kid to practice more. Practice helps them understand the patterns of the questions, and with enough practice, they’ll become skillful. Doing more practice will enable your kid to quickly grasp the meaning of the questions and accumulate knowledge of sentence structures, which is very useful for solving problems.

Preparation Tips for Part 2:

1. Carefully read the questions

Get your kid to really pay attention to the questions before answering them. Think about what the question is asking by looking at the sentence around it. Use what you know about Chinese words to pick the right ones that fit in with the rest of the sentence.

2.Pay attention to the accumulation of vocabulary

Motivate your kid to concentrate on accumulating a rich Chinese vocabulary, as this is crucial for this section of the test. Recommend that they allocate time each day to memorize Chinese vocabulary. This can be achieved by engaging with various Chinese language materials such as books, movies, cartoons, songs etc. Each day, prompt your kid to memorize a few Chinese words and ensure they understand the usage of these vocabulary words.

The writing requirements of YCT Level 4 primarily assess the kid’s language expression abilities and the accumulation of Chinese vocabulary. With systematic preparation and consistent practice, kids can better overcome this section.

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