Essential Mandarin Phrases for Dealing with Unexpected Situations in Chinese Hotels

Staying in hotels in China might throw various unexpected scenarios your way, like a faulty room key that won’t unlock the door, a malfunctioning water heater leaving you with no hot water, and realizing there’s no hairdryer in the room. How do you go about asking for help in these situations? Even though translation tools can be handy, these Chinese phrases are actually pretty easy! Here are some scenarios I can think of, along with corresponding Chinese phrases that can assist you:

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Checking in and out:

Nǐ hǎo, wǒ yǒu yīgè yùdìng. Nǐ néng bāng wǒ bànlǐ rùzhù ma?
1. 你好,我有一个预订。你能帮我办理入住吗?
Hello, I have a reservation. Can you assist me with the check-in?

Nǐ hǎo, wǒ xiǎng bànlǐ tuìfáng.
2. 你好,我想办理退房。
Hello, I would like to check out now.

Wǒ néng tíqián bànlǐ tuìfáng ma?
3. 我能提前办理退房吗?
Can I check out early?

Inquiring about room service:

Qǐng dǎsǎo yīxià wǒ de fángjiān.
4. 请打扫一下我的房间。
My room needs to be cleaned.

Míngtiān zǎoshang qī diǎn néng jiào xǐng wǒ ma?
5. 明天早上7点能叫醒我吗?
Can you wake me up at 7 am tomorrow?

Nǐmen tígōng yǐnyòng shuǐ ma?
6. 你们提供饮用水吗?
Do you provide drinking water? (Tap water in China is not suitable for consumption)

Using hotel facilities:

Wi-Fi mìmǎ shì shénme?
7. Wi-Fi密码是什么?
What is the Wi-Fi password?

Wǒ kěyǐ jiè yīgè chuīfēngjī ma?
8. 我可以借一个吹风机吗?
Can I borrow a hairdryer?

Nǐmen yǒu duōyú de máojīn ma?
9. 你们有多余的毛巾吗?
Do you have extra towels?

Reporting room malfunctions:

Wǒ fángjiān de kōngtiáo bù gōngzuò.
10. 我房间的空调不工作。
The air conditioning in my room is not working.

Wǒ fángjiān méiyǒu rèshuǐ.
11. 我房间没有热水。
There is no hot water in my room.

Wǒ de fángkǎ shuā bù kāimén.
12. 我的房卡刷不开门。
My room key card doesn’t work.

In addition to the situations mentioned above, you can also inquire with hotel staff about additional hotel services or seek their advice on local attractions. Furthermore, unexpected circumstances may arise, but you can always turn to the hotel staff for assistance. If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of basic Chinese language skills required for traveling or working in China, we welcome you to click here for a complimentary one-on-one trial lesson. Our courses are specifically designed to provide detailed explanations of vocabulary, phrases, and cultural etiquette to better equip you for your journey.

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