A 9-year-old’s Chinese Learning Journey: From Novice to Intermediate

Holden, a young boy from the United States, started a journey to learn Chinese as his parents recognized the growing influence of China and the increasing number of people learning the language. They enrolled him in a local Chinese school, where he attended classes once a week. At the age of 9, his parents decided to enhance his learning by hiring a dedicated Chinese tutor. Twice a week, the tutor visited Holden’s house, teaching him Chinese reading and recognition using the textbook 《Chinese Volume 5》. The tutor even bestowed upon him a Chinese name, 浩宇 (hào yǔ). Within a year of diligent study, Holden made significant progress in basic Chinese writing and pinyin pronunciation. Unfortunately, their lessons had to be put on hold when the tutor had to return to China for the Lunar New Year.

Despite this temporary setback, Holden’s mother was determined to continue his Chinese education. She began searching for an online Chinese teacher who could provide continuous instruction and help improve his speaking skills. That’s when she discovered eChineseLearning through Facebook and promptly reached out to them. Shortly after Holden turned 10, his mother registered him for a free trial class. The tailored lessons, specifically designed to match his Chinese proficiency level, along with the teacher’s guidance in achieving breakthroughs, greatly impressed Holden.

Encouraged by the positive experience, Holden’s parents decided to enroll him in regular Chinese classes with eChineseLearning. He now had the opportunity to attend two classes per week. After assessing his abilities, Holden’s level was determined to be upper elementary 2. In his first regular class, the teacher focused on teaching him about Chinese family members, reviewing the 12 zodiac animals, and engaging him in retelling the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf “.

With consistent effort and dedication, Holden continued his Chinese studies for a year, resulting in his attainment of an intermediate level in the language. He now frequently communicated with his teacher in Chinese, further honing his language skills. Holden particularly enjoyed the incorporation of Chinese short stories during his classes, as they added an element of enjoyment to his language learning experience.

Over the course of two years with eChineseLearning, Holden’s Chinese proficiency witnessed remarkable growth. From initially having basic listening, speaking, and recognition skills, he now possessed the ability to express himself fully and confidently in Chinese.

If you are interested in having your kid learn Chinese, sign up for a free trial class via the form on this page, and we will be happy to help.

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