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功夫熊猫 (gōngfu xióngmāo) Kung Fu Panda

Mar. 23, 2015
功夫熊猫(gōngfu xióngmāo) Kung Fu Panda

Chinese movies-功夫熊猫 (gōngfu xióngmāo) Kung Fu Panda

功夫熊猫(gōngfu xióngmāo) Kung Fu Panda is a remarkable movie released in June last year. Chinese style is prevailing in the movie, which is the combination of “功夫”(gōngfu) Chinese martial arts and China’s national treasure–panda. Many Chinese enjoyed this movie as well, so you know that while humorous and entertaining, it still stayed true to the Chinese elements it introduced. The combination of humor and kung fu culture was enough to make even the Chinese laugh, and the lines in this movie are also fabulous and unforgettable.

中国功夫(zhōng ggōngfu) Chinese Kung Fu

“功夫”(gōngfu) kung fu in China is both popular and traditional, and it has a long history of development. Many Chinese and foreigners alike love it and want to learn it. “功”(gōng) means achievement and  accomplishment and “夫”(fu)refers to men, so the phrase can be understood as accomplished men. In ancient China, those who were taught “功夫”  (gōngfu) kung fu were all men, but now everyone can learn “功夫”(gōngfu) kung fu in China, including foreigners. It is now also known as “kung Fu” in the world. You can say “李小龙的功夫非常棒”(Lĭxiǎolóng de gōngfu fēicháng bàng) Li Xiaolong’s kung fu is great.

Famous Lines:

Bàbā: Féi bō, kuài diǎn! dōu wù le shēngyi le.
爸爸: 肥波,  快点!     都   误 了 生意     了。
Dad:   Paul, let’s go, you’re late for work.

A bǎo: Lái lā… duìbùqĭ, lǎo bà.
阿宝: 来啦…   对不起,老爸。
Paul:  Coming… Sorry dad.

Bàbā:Duìbùqĭ kě biàn bù chū miàntiáo lái. nĭ zài lóushàng gǎo shénme míngtang ? xī lĭ huá lā de.
爸爸: 对不起  可  变  不  出    面条    来。 你  在   楼上      搞     什么       名堂?     稀 里 哗  啦  的。
Dad:   Saying sorry doesn’t make the noodles. What are you doing up there? All that noise.

A bǎo:O, méi shénme, jiù shì gè luànqībāzāo de mèng.
阿宝:噢,没   什么,  就  是  个 乱七八糟      的  梦。
Paul:   Oh, nothing, just had a crazy dream.

生词 (shēng cí) Vocabulary:

生意 (shēngyi)n business, trade

名堂 (míngtang)n result, reason

乱七八糟 (luànqībāzāo)adj in a muddle or a mess

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