Decoding IB Mandrain B Reading Section Based On 2019 Exam Paper

Today we will analyze an IB B reading question in 2019. As Chinese teacher, we are thrilled to share with you the rich and amusing world of the 2019 IB Chinese B Exam Reading Questions. This is a difficulty for many kids.Get ready to be entertained, enlightened, and empowered by the unique teaching examples I have prepared for you.

1.Answer D. We can be selected by elimination method. The article does not introduce the scenic spots, food, or road map. The article mainly writes about accommodation, focusing on recommending B&Bs.

2.Answer B. The first half of the second sentence says “你请我给你推荐几家大饭店” This shows that Xiaohong asked Xiaoli to recommend big hotels to him.

3.BFH.You can use the elimination method. Item CDG is not mentioned in the paragraph, and statement in item E is“民宿的房间很小只能一个人住” but the paragraph only says that“虽然房间不大,却很温馨”, but does not say that it can only accommodate one person, so only BFH is left.

4.台湾的民宿大多是自主经营。According to the title, locate the second sentence of the paragraph.“在外国预定住宿时,很多朋友会上一些知名网站预定,但是台湾的民宿大多是自主经营,在这些大网站是找不到的。” You can know that it cannot be found because most Homestay in Taiwan are independently operated,so you can’t find it on big websites.

5.价格有更多优惠,选择也更多。According to the title , you can locate the last sentence of the paragraph“其实台湾有很多自己的民宿网站,价格有更多优惠,选择也多”. It can be seen that the benefits include more price discounts and more choices.

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