Top 5 Chinese Movies That Will Help Your Kid to Learn Mandarin

Learning Chinese can be a challenge for kids, but by watching engaging and fun Chinese movies, they can easily immerse themselves in the charm of the language. Here are some Chinese movies that are particularly suitable for kids to watch and learn Chinese:


“Rob-B-Hood”, starred by Jackie Chan, is a light-hearted and humorous comedy that tells the hilarious and heartwarming story of a pair of thieves and the series of funny and touching events that occur after they steal a baby. This movie provides a wealth of practical everyday expressions, allowing kids to learn Chinese effortlessly amidst laughter.

2. The Monkey King

This film takes the form of mythology and portrays the legendary journey of the protagonist, Sun Wukong, through his adventures in the Dragon Palace and his defiance against the heavens. The story is concentrated and prominently showcases Sun Wukong’s extraordinary experiences. It is filled with humor and excitement, which not only increases kids’s Chinese vocabulary but also allows them to appreciate the wonders of Chinese traditional culture.

3. C J 7

“C J 7” is a heartwarming and touching sci-fi comedy that tells the story of a father who gives his son an unexpectedly found alien toy dog as a gift, leading to a transformation in their lives. Through this movie, kids can learn Chinese expressions related to friendship, family, and life.

4. Big Fish & Begonia

This is a beautiful Chinese animated film that tells the story of Chun, a young girl who governs the growth of magical begonia flowers. In her efforts to revive the soul of a human boy named Kun as a repayment, she grows into a fish larger than a whale and returns to the sea. However, this process constantly violates the rules of the “gods” and triggers various disasters. The intertwined destiny and struggle in the story incorporate many traditional Chinese cultural elements. Through these elements, kids can gain a better understanding of the profound meanings behind the Chinese language and improve their Chinese proficiency.

5. Kungfu Boys

This is a martial arts comedy film that tells the story of Lin Qiunan, a Kung Fu enthusiast who grew up in the United States with a dream of becoming a Kung Fu superstar. Upon returning to China, he inadvertently gets entangled in an international smuggling crime. By watching this movie, kids can gain a deeper understanding of Chinese-related vocabulary.

By watching these movies, kids can learn Chinese in a fun and enjoyable way. This fun and enlightening learning method not only provides entertainment but also enhances proficiency in the Chinese language.

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