A Journey of Language Mastery: Emily’s Chinese Learning Adventure

At the end of 2021, the Anderson family, along with their ten-year-old daughter Emily, moved from the UK to Hong Kong. They were determined to seamlessly adapt to this vibrant city and decided to have Emily start learning Mandarin now that they had settled down in Hong Kong.

Initially, they enrolled Emily in traditional offline Chinese classes, which were cheap because they were group classes. However, they soon realized that Emily was struggling to grasp the Chinese knowledge taught by the teachers due to the large class size. The teachers couldn’t give individual attention to every student, and there was no option to replay parts that Emily didn’t understand, which resulted in her falling behind in her chinese learning. Recognizing this issue, the Andersons sought alternative solutions to help their daughter better adapt to Hong Kong.

In April 2022, through a friend’s recommendation, the couple reached out to eChineseLearning, an online Chinese education institution. They decided to give it a try for their child.

To their delight, eChineseLearning’s personalized teaching approach impressed the Andersons. The teachers at eChineseLearning created a supportive learning environment that suited her situation, encouraging her to freely express her questions and difficulties. This personalized attention made Emily feel relaxed during her classes and allowed for flexible teaching methods that aligned with her learning pace and preferences, resulting in a highly effective and engaging learning experience.

eChineseLearning’s interactive and immersive courses captivated Emily’s interest and helped her excel in her language learning journey in Hong Kong. Through engaging activities such as role-playing, storytelling, and cultural exploration, Emily deepened her understanding of the Chinese language and culture. She eagerly started virtual field trips to historical sites, traditional festivals in China. These experiences made her language learning journey not only educational but also enjoyable and unforgettable.

One significant factor contributing to Emily’s significant progress in fluency in Chinese was the opportunity to engage in real-life conversations with her online Chinese teachers. Through video calls and interactive exercises, she practiced her speaking and listening skills in authentic contexts. The teachers encouraged her active participation, posing and answering questions, discussing various topics, and sharing personal experiences. These real-life interactions helped Emily build confidence that she could effectively communicate in Chinese, even from thousands of miles away.

eChineseLearning’s comprehensive approach also focused on nurturing Emily’s writing and reading abilities, supporting her language learning journey in Hong Kong. She experience a journey of character recognition and writing exercises, gradually accumulating vocabulary and sentence structures. With guidance from her teachers, Emily learned many Chinese characters, reflecting her continuous improvement in Chinese proficiency. Interactive writing exercises on the platform and feedback provided by teachers through online communication played a crucial role in enhancing her writing skills, enabling her to fluently express her thoughts in writting Chinese.

During her time at eChineseLearning, Emily’s remarkable progress in fluency in Chinese surprised her parents and the teachers at eChineseLearning. In less than three years, she went from newbie to fluently expressing herself. Towards the end of 2022, during a school event,she sang a Chinese song called “mo li hua“, impressing her teachers and classmates with her fluent language.

In July 2023, during a school-wide writing competition, Emily wrote a short composition with the theme of bittersweet friendship,winning the competition and showcasing her writing ability. Her composition not only demonstrated her language proficiency but also brought her a lot of confidence in Chinese.

The Andersons are delighted and proud of Emily’s achievements in mandarin learning. They believe that eChineseLearning’s personalized teaching methods and the dedicated guidance of teachers have unlocked Emily’s linguistic potential, enabling her to excel in her Chinese learning journey.

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