How to Say “Friends” in Chinese? Find the Answer in This Song!

Learn Chinese online anywhere and anytime! If you or your children are learning this language, then you can find suitable Chinese lessons based on different age groups on our website. Among all the methods, singing is one of the best ways to learn Chinese regardless of age. Today your children will learn a song – “Looking for Friends”, a song that almost all Chinese can sing. With a catchy melody, it’s fun and easy to learn. You can also sing along!

Language Points

Zhǎo ya zhǎo ya zhǎo péngyǒu.
找 呀 找 呀 找 朋友。
Looking, looking for a friend.

Zhǎodào yígè hǎo péngyǒu.
找到 一个 好 朋友。
Look! I find a new good friend.

Jìng gè lǐ ya wò wò shǒu.
敬 个 礼 呀 握 握 手。
Let’s greet each other and shake hands.

Nǐ shì wǒ de hǎo péngyǒu.
你 是 我 的 好 朋友。
You will always be my best friend.


v. to find; to look for

Wǒ zhǎo bú dào wǒ de shǒubiǎo le.
我 找 不 到 我 的 手表 了。
I can’t find my watch.

péng yǒu
朋 友
n. friend; friends

Xiǎo míng shì wǒ zuìhǎo de péngyǒu.
小 明 是 我 最好 的 朋友。
Xiao Ming is my best friend.

wò shǒu
握 手
v. shake hands

Rénmen jiànmiàn huì wòshǒu.
人们 见面 会 握手。
People shake hands when they meet.

Can your children sing this lovely and catchy song yet? Let us know in the comments if you like to learn Chinese through singing. We’ll introduce more interesting Chinese songs in future lessons! We are now offering free one-to-one trial classes with a native Chinese teacher. You are welcome to sign up for a free class now! Stay tuned!

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