Chinese Song For Kids: Little Stars (Beginner)

Learning Chinese Online with Chinese Song “Little Stars”

Key Learning Points (Preview):

闪 (shǎn) v. to twinkle

挂 (guà) v.  hang

好像 (hǎoxiàng) v. to seem

Are you familiar with the English song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? Do you know that in China we have a similar children’s song named “小星星 (xiǎo xīngxing) Little Stars?” Since they both share the same melody, You can easily learn this Chinese song online.

Listen to the song lyrics:

Yì shǎn yì shǎn liàngjīngjīng,
一 闪    一  闪     亮晶晶,

Twinkle, twinkle, sparkling stars,
Mǎn tiān dōu shì xiǎo xīngxing.
满      天    都    是 小     星星。

The sky is full of  little stars.
Guà zài tiānkōng fàng guāngmíng,
挂     在    天空       放     光明,

Shining up in the sky,
Hǎoxiàng tiān shàng xiǎo yǎnjing.
好像          天     上       小     眼睛。

Like heaven’s many little eyes.
Yì shǎn yì shǎn liàngjīngjīng,
一 闪    一 闪      亮晶晶,

Twinkle, twinkle, sparkling stars,
Mǎn tiān dōushì xiǎo xīngxing.
满      天     都是   小    星星。

The sky is full of little stars.
Yì shǎn yì shǎn xiǎo xīngxing,
一 闪   一   闪    小      星星,

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars,
Yì  kē yì kē liàngjīngjīng.
一 颗一 颗 亮晶晶。

Each of them is sparkling.
Gāo gāo guà zài tiānkōng shàng,
高     高    挂   在    天空        上,

Up in the sky so high,
Bànzhe yuè’ér fàng guānghuá.
伴着       月儿      放      光华。

They shine with the moon.
Yì shǎn yì shǎn xiǎo xīngxing,
一 闪   一   闪     小     星星,

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars,
Yì kē  yì kē liàngjīngjīng.
一颗 一 颗 亮晶晶。

Each of them is sparkling.

Key Learning Points:
闪 (shǎn) v. to twinkle

Tā de jièzhi zài dēngguāng xià shǎn shǎn fāliàng.
她 的 戒指 在     灯光          下   闪     闪    发亮。

Her ring twinkled in the light.

挂 (guà) v.  hang

Nǐ bāng wǒ bǎ chuānglián guà yí xià ba.
你 帮      我 把      窗帘        挂  一  下 吧。

Please help me hang the window curtain.
好像 (hǎoxiàng) v. to seem


A; Lǎoshī hǎoxiàng shēngbìng le.
A: 老师       好像         生病       了。

A:  The teacher seems ill.
B: Nà wǒmen qù kànkan tā ba!
B: 那   我们    去   看看   她 吧!

B: Let’s visit her together!

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4 thoughts on “Chinese Song For Kids: Little Stars (Beginner)”

  1. Learning Chinese online is really helpful! In the line 伴着月儿放光华, what does the 儿 mean? Is it just added to the lyrics as a sound to help the line fit the melody, or do people actually call the moon 月儿?

  2. Yeah, Learning Chinese online is great! 月亮 is often called 月儿 by children. 儿 is a basic Chinese word that is often used in Chinese songs and spoken conversation. When used as a suffix, it usually means “small/tiny.”

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