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Chinese Nursery Rhyme for Kids: 小白兔 Little White Rabbits (Beginner)

Jan. 4, 2017

小白兔 (xiǎo báitù) Little White Rabbits (Beginner)

This nursery rhyme “小白兔 (xiǎobáitù) Little White Rabbits” has been passed on for generations. It’s not clear who wrote it and when it was written, but every child in China can sing it! Let’s watch the video:

Listen to the nursery rhyme:

Xiǎo báitù, bái yòu bái,

小     白兔,白 又   白,
Little white rabbits, oh so white,

Liǎng zhī ěrduo shù qĭ lái,

两      只    耳朵  竖  起 来,
Both ears standing upright,

Ài chī luóbo ài chī cài,

爱 吃 萝卜 爱 吃 菜,
Love to eat carrots and greens,

Bèng bèng tiào tiào zhēn kě’ài.

蹦      蹦     跳    跳     真   可爱。
Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! They are really cute!

Key Learning Points:

耳朵 (ěrduo): n ear


Zuǒ ěrduo jìn, yòu ěrduo chū.

左    耳朵 进, 右 耳朵   出。
Go in the left ear and come out the right.

萝卜 (luóbo): n carrot


Māma: Bǎobèi, duō chī diǎn luóbo huì gèng jiā jiànkāng.

妈妈: 宝贝,   多    吃  点    萝卜  会   更     加  健康。
Mom:Baby, eat more carrots, they are good for your health.

Érzi:  Hǎo, wǒ kě xǐhuan chī luóbo le.

儿子:好,我 可 喜欢    吃 萝卜 了。
Son: Ok, I like carrots very much.

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