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Chinese Nursery Rhyme for Kids: 贴福字 (tiē fú zì) Pasting “Good Luck” Upside Down

Feb. 9, 2010

贴福字 (tiē fú zì) Pasting "Fu" Upside Down 

Listen to the nursery rhyme  

Key Learning points (Preview):

春节 (chūnjié): n Spring Festival/Chinese New Year  

爷爷 (yéye): n grandpa  

说 (shuō): v to say

Culture Note:  It is a Chinese custom to paste "Fu" upside down on the doors or walls in the Spring Festival. Yes, the right way to paste "Fu" is to paste it upside down. Why? Because we describe this action as "福倒了(fú dào le)." In Chinese, "福倒了(fú dào le) " has the same pronunciation as  "福到了(fú dào le), " which means "happiness comes."

Chūnjié láidào,
春节     来到,

Spring Festival arrives,  

Yéye  kěxiào.
爷爷   可笑.

Grandpa is ridiculous.  

Fú  zì  tiēdào,
福  字  贴倒,

He pasted "Fu" upside down,  

Wǒ bǎ cuò tiāo.
我   把    错 挑.

I point out the mistake.  

Yéye bù nǎo,
爷爷   不 恼,

Grandpa does not get mad,  

Liězuǐ shuō hǎo.

咧 嘴    说 好.

He grins and says it is fine.  

Fú dào fú dào,
福  倒   福 到,

Hanging "Happiness" upside down means the arrival of good fortune,  

Xìngfú  lái dào.
幸  福    来 到.

Happiness is coming.  

Key Learning points:

春节 (chūnjié): n Spring Festival/Chinese New Year  

"春 (chūn)" means spring and "节(jié)" means festival.


Chūnjié shì Zhōngguó de chuántǒng jiérì.
春节       是 中国          的   传统        节日.
Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China.  

爷爷(yéye): n grandpa  


Yéye jīngcháng gěi wǒ jiǎng gùshi.
爷爷   经常        给   我 讲     故事.
My grandpa often tells me stories.  

说(shuō): v to say  


Dìdi gāoxìng de shuō: "Wǒ jīn nián wǔ suì la!"
弟弟   高兴    地  说:   “我  今  年  五  岁  啦!”
My little brother merrily said "I'm already five years old!"  

生词(shēngcí) Vocabulary:   

可笑(kě xiào): adj ridiculous  

好(hǎo): adj fine

幸福(xìngfú): n happiness  

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