How to Say The Names Of Cold Drinks In Chinese? (Beginner)

Summer is coming! So let’s list some popular cold drinks and treats and teach the children how to say them in Chinese.


Āyí,   wǒ yào mǎi yìpíng chéngzhī.
A: 阿姨, 我 要  买   一瓶      橙汁。

Ms., I want to buy a bottle of orange juice.

Gěi nǐ, xiǎo péngyou.
B: 给 你,小   朋友。

Here you are, little friend.


Māma xǐhuan hēshuǐ, wǒ hé bàba dōu xǐhuan hē xuěbì.
妈妈     喜欢    喝水,我   和 爸爸    都    喜欢  喝   雪碧。

Mom likes to drink water, but dad and I like to drink Sprite.


Érzi,  lái bēi guǒzhī zěnmeyàng?
A: 儿子,来杯   果汁     怎么样?

Son, how about a cup of fruit juice?
Māma, wǒ xiǎng hē kělè.
B: 妈妈, 我   想   喝  可乐。

Mom, I want to drink coke.


Mèimei xǐhuan qiǎokèlì wèi de bīngjīlíng.
妹妹     喜欢   巧克力  味  的   冰激凌。

My younger sister loves chocolate ice cream.

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0 thoughts on “How to Say The Names Of Cold Drinks In Chinese? (Beginner)”

  1. In this online Mandarin lesson, I noticed the words “一瓶 (yìpínɡ)” means “a bottle of” and “杯 (bēi)” means “cup.” So can I say “一杯 (yìbēi) a cup of?”

  2. Right, you can say “一杯 (yìbēi) a cup of.”
    For example: 一杯茶 (yìbēi chá) a cup of tea.

  3. Some additional similar phrases for this online Mandarin lesson?
    一张 (yìzhānɡ) a piece of
    一碗 (yìwǎn) a bowl of

  4. Correction: At the very last part, I thought that Ice Cream should be 冰淇淋 instead of 冰激凌?

  5. Jennifer Zhu

    Thanks for your concerns and correction. Actually, in Chinese both 冰淇淋 and 冰激凌 can be used to say “ice cream”. Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

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