Answer to Which Clothes and Foods Reveal Who is Rich in China

1. B


Mary: Lì Li de bàba shì yījiā dà gōngsī de lǎobǎn, suǒyǐ tāmen jiā hěn yǒuqián, Lì Li xiǎng mǎi shénme jiù néng mǎi shénme.
Lily’s father is the boss of a big company, so their family is rich and Lily can buy whatever she wants.

Lucy: Tā zhēnshì guò zhe yìzhǒng jǐnyīyùshí bān de shēnghuó.
Lucy: She really leads a life of luxury.

We can learn from the conversation that Lily’s family is very rich. She is a rich second generation and lives a luxurious life. Therefore, the best answer is A.

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