Answer to Chinese Mini-Test: 大蒜 (intermediate)

Correct Answer: C

A.”Potato” refers to 马铃薯(mǎlíngshŭ).

马(mǎ) means horse, 铃(líng) is bell, 薯(shŭ) is potato or yam.

B. “Tomato” refers to 西红柿(xīhóngshì).

西(xī) means west; 红(hóng) means red, 柿(shì) is persimmon.

C. “Garlic” refers to 大蒜(dàsuàn).

大(dà) means big, 蒜(suàn) means garlic.

D.”Egg” refers to 鸡蛋(jīdàn).

鸡(jī) is chicken, 蛋(dàn) here means the egg laid by hen.

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