Answer to Chinese Culture Lesson: 麻将 (májiàng) Mahjong

Correct Answers

1. D
If you read the third paragraph of this blog, you can find the correct answer for this quiz. The key sentence is: When speaking of the game Mahjong, you should pronounce “将” as “jiàng.”

2. C
If you know the meanings of these four options, you should know C is the correct answer. Check them below:
A. 我输了。 (Wǒ shū le.) I lost.

B.我喜欢打麻将。 (Wǒ xǐhuān dǎ májiàng) I like to play Mahjong.

C. 我和了。(Wǒ hú le.) I won the round.

D. 我不打麻将。 (Wǒ bú dǎ má jiāng.) I don’t play Mahjong

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