3 Effective Methods to Introduce Kids to Mandarin

Many parents of no Chinese background want their kids to learn Chinese. They wish to introduce their kids to Chinese at a young age but may not know how to start. Today, we’ll share 3 ways to initiate Chinese learning for your kid.

1. Use flashcards and point readers

Provide your kid with a digital reading pen and prepare more Chinese flashcards for them. Show these pictures to your kid and frequently encourage them to use the reading pen to point at them. Let your child play with the flashcards and reading pen every day, allowing them to gradually become familiar with and learn some Chinese words and expressions.

2. Use cartoons

Find some interesting Chinese cartoons on Youtube for your kid to watch. Kids particularly enjoy watching cartoons, and if they become interested in them, they are likely to develop a love for Chinese culture. This is highly beneficial for children learning Chinese.

3. Use songs

Search for simple Chinese children’s songs on music software for your child to listen to. Children are likely to be drawn to catchy melodies, which can spark their interest in the melody and eventually lead to an interest in Chinese language and even Chinese culture, allowing Chinese to become familiar to them through their ears.

These methods are parent-operable and do not rely on external resources. By fostering creativity and interactivity, you can lay a solid foundation for your child’s journey of learning Chinese.

If you are interested in having your kid learn Chinese, sign up for a free trial class via the form on this page, and we will be happy to help.

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