How an 8-Year-Old Boy Found Joy in Learning Mandarin

Troy, an 8-year-old boy from New York, started a journey to learn Chinese at the arrangement of his parents. However, he found Chinese learning to be quite hard and even considered giving up. Recognizing the increasing prevalence of Chinese language use, Troy’s father devised some methods to assist him.

Troy’s parents, the Petersons, crafted a positive learning environment for him at home. When Troy discovered Chinese picture books, interactive puzzles, and colorful flashcards awaiting him, his eyes sparkled with excitement. Surrounded by these captivating resources, Troy found this style of learning much more enjoyable than mere memorization of Chinese vocabulary; he could engage with challenging puzzles and immerse himself in entertaining storybooks.

To inject Troy’s learning with vitality and joy, the Petersons scoured music apps for numerous Chinese songs and hunted for intriguing Chinese stories on video websites. These stories and songs were all tailored to Troy’s preferences and tastes. Intrigued by the melodies of the songs and the plots of the stories, Troy became deeply curious about the associated Chinese vocabulary. He found this approach addictive.

Troy felt that offline tutoring wasn’t quite suitable for him, so the Petersons, understanding his needs, enrolled him in an online Chinese course at eChineseLearning. Troy could study whenever he had free time and according to his preferred style. He found this method liberating, and the teachers were ones he personally chose and enjoyed. They consistently supported Troy’s Chinese learning. Whenever Troy received positive feedback from his teacher, he was rewarded with a trip to a place of his choice or at least verbal encouragement, greatly boosting his confidence.

With the continuous support of his parents, Troy’s Chinese proficiency improved steadily. He began to find learning Chinese a fascinating endeavor, and every aspect of it was tailored to his preferences. With his parents’ support, Troy eagerly anticipated every moment of his Chinese learning time. With their support, Troy’s Chinese skills skyrocketed.

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