4 Proven Chinese Games for Kids Learning Mandarin

Learn chinese with us.

In the process of kids learning Chinese, integrating Chinese learning into their daily lives is particularly important. Today, we have compiled some methods that kids can use to learn Chinese in their daily lives. Remember to let kids use them frequently!

1.Chinese Character Puzzle
These puzzles can be purchased with the pinyin (phonetic transcription) of Chinese characters. Kids can use the original puzzle pieces to assemble complete Chinese characters while learning their pronunciation. This help kids grasp the writing method and memorize the characters. The more they practice, the better they will become at writing the characters.

2.Vocabulary Puzzle
Purchase Chinese vocabulary puzzles for your kid. These puzzles provide the correct answers, allowing kids to become familiar with the vocabulary. Then, mix up the puzzle pieces and have the kid find all the words based on the previous correct answers. If they make a mistake, repeat the process and let them search again.

3.Chinese-English Matching Game
Purchase a set of cards with Chinese characters or words. Each Chinese character has two cards: one with the character or word in Chinese and the other with the corresponding pinyin (phonetic transcription). Each Chinese character and its corresponding pinyin have a correct match. Have the child first memorize the Chinese vocabulary based on the correct answers, and then shuffle the cards to find the correct Chinese characters and their corresponding pinyin in a random order.

4.Repeat Video Content
Watch videos with bilingual subtitles together with your kid. After watching, have the kid try to dub the video in Chinese. Then compare the kid’s dubbing with the pronunciation in the video. This allows kids to learn some Chinese pronunciation at a young age and also deepens their interest in the language.

If you are interested in having your kid learn Chinese, sign up for a free trial class via the form on this page, and we will be happy to help.

Learn chinese with us.

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