4 Must-Know Ways to Address Chinese Young Men

Chinese Young Men

In a previous lesson we learned how to address young Chinese women, so how about young Chinese men?

In general, depending on different situations and the age of the person speaking, there are four ways to address young Chinese men:


“帅哥(shuàigē)” literally means “handsome man.”

This casual term is common for addressing peers in informal situations.

For instance, if you meet a man who is about your age on the street and you want to ask directions, you can say “帅哥, 你好, 请问…怎么走?(Shuàigē, nǐhǎo, qǐngwèn … zěnmezǒu?) Hey man, how do I get to …, please?”

Certainly, people use the term to show courtesy when starting a conversation, regardless of whether the man is handsome or not.


Wáng Jìng: Shuàigē, zhè shì nǐde shǒujī ma?
王静:         帅哥,  这  是  你的 手机   吗?
Wang Jing: Buddy, is this your phone?


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