The 4 Cartoons That Your Kids Have to Watch to Learn Chinese!

Parents with no Chinese background, may wonder: Do their children need to watch cartoons to learn Chinese? Isn’t watching cartoons a waste of learning time? Actually, the answer is “not at all.” For many non-Chinese children, Chinese cartoons offer a more realistic language environment and authentic expressions than textbooks and regular curricula, and the Chinese culture in them also fosters the children’s perspective of learning Chinese.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the cartoons that eChineseLearning recommends for your kids to watch!

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4 Recommended Chinese Cartoons

Guài Guài Pīnyīn Lìxiǎn Jì
《怪 怪 拼音 历险 记》
The Adventure of Pinyin Monsters

If you have children at home who are learning pinyin, you may want to let them watch this Chinese cartoon! This interesting cartoon turns pinyin into little cute monsters, and by telling various interesting stories between these pinyin monsters and children, it not only guides children to know and familiarize themselves with pinyin, practice pronunciation, and learn how to spell correctly, but also makes the originally boring content vivid and interesting, so that children can easily learn pinyin with laughter, and at the same time learn the true meaning of truth, goodness, and beauty.

Xióng Chūmò
《熊 出没》
Bonnie Bears

The series features two bears, Briar and Bramble, who try to stop Logger Vick from destroying their forest home by cutting wood and occupying the land to develop experimental fields. Children can learn about helping one another, being considerate when faced with difficulties, and protecting the environment from this amusing and instructive cartoon.

Dàtóu érzǐ Hé Xiǎotóu Bàbà
《大头 儿子 和 小头 爸爸》
The Stories of the Big-Head Son and Small-Head Dad

This cartoon tells the story of a family of three. Their lives are ordinary, but full of laughter. Also, the stories of different families in it are very heartwarming and realistic. It allows kids to learn from the many different philosophies of life about how to show love, how to help, and how to respect others.

Xiǎo Lǐyú Lìxiǎn Jì
《小 鲤鱼 历险 记》
The Adventures of a Little Carp

This cartoon is about the adventurous stories of a small carp whose hometown, Carp Lake, is destroyed by the evil Rascal Snake. Although there are many hardships and dangers on the way, it eventually overcomes them with the help of its allies and makes the necessary sacrifices to ultimately vanquish the Rascal Snake and save its hometown.

Movies, TV series, and cartoons are important aids in learning Chinese. It can not only help your children learn Chinese pronunciation well but also learn more about Chinese culture. But if you want them to learn the language systematically, you need to enroll them in online Chinese lessons and let professional teachers guide them. Get a free one-on-one trial lesson by clicking on our website!

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