2009 China Tennis Open – 中国网球公开赛 (Zhōngguó wăngqiú gōngkāisài)

2009 中国网球公开赛(Zhōngguó wăngqiú gōngkāisài) 2009 China Tennis Open

中国网球公开赛(Zhōngguó wăngqiú gōngkāisài) The China Tennis Open Tournament was held on October 2nd, 2009. During the China Open women’s singles tournament going into the quarter finals, a Chinese tennis player, 彭帅(Péng Shuài) Peng Shuai became a 焦点(jiāodiăn) focus when she defeated the former world number 1, Maria Sharapova from Russia. The 2005 Berlin Tennis Open, was their first chance to compete against each other. 彭帅(Péng Shuài) Peng Shuai was 横扫(héngsăo) swept away by Sharapova with the scores 6:2 and 6:1. This time, 彭帅(Péng Shuài) Peng Shuai completely 爆冷门(bàolěngmén) produced an unexpected win and won at the scores 6:2 and 6:4. So she has become regarded as a dark horse in tennis circle.

冷门(lěngmén) An Unexpected Winner

The Origin and Meaning of the Phrase

The word 冷门(lěngmén)(lěngmén), an unexpected winner, first appeared in Casinos. When people bet chips, they usually chose the most promising one. When somebody chose one that nobody cared about, people call it 冷门(lěngmén). If the underdog achieved a victory in the end , it was called 爆冷门(bàolěngmén), a dark horse popping up. 爆(bào) means exploding literally, but here it means unexpected. 冷(lěng) means cold and 门(mén) means door.

The Usage of the Phrase

Jīntiān Chănbà duì jībài le Guó’ān duì, zhēn shì bào lěngmén.
今天      浐灞    队  击败 了  国安  队,  真   是  爆    冷门。
Today, Chanba defeated the Guo’an, which is a real upset.

Bāxī zúqiú duì dă Zhōngguó zúqiú duì, Zhōngguó duì shèng kěndìng shì lěnmén, dànshì rúguŏ zhēn de
巴西 足球 队  打      中国     足球  队,    中国      队    胜      肯定     是    冷门, 但是    如果    真 的
shèng le  Bāxī duì, nà jiù shì bàolěngmén le.
胜     了  巴西 队,那 就 是    爆冷门      了。
When the Chinese soccer team and Brazil soccer team competed against each other. China is certainly the underdog, but if they beat the Brazilian team, it will produce an unexpected winner.


1. 网球(wăngqiú) n. tennis

2. 焦点(jiāodiăn) n. focus

3. 彭帅(Péng Shuài) n. name of a famous Chinese tennis player

4. 横扫(héngsăo) v. to sweep away

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