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章子怡 (zhāng zĭ yí) Zhang Ziyi

Apr. 1, 2015

Wúlùn shì guójiā háishì gèrén, zhĭyŏu jiāndìng xìnniàn, míngtiān cái huì gèng měihăo.
“无论   是   国家    还是  个人,只有     坚定     信念,   明天     才 会    更     美好。”

“No matter whether concerning countries or individuals, as long as they continue to keep the faith, all of them will see a better future.”

The above was said by Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi at a recent awarding ceremony. Ziyi has grown from a young girl to an internationally 闻名(wénmíng) known star. In 2000, with the movie 卧虎藏龙(wòhŭcánglóng) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Zhang Ziyi 一夜成名(yíyèchéngmíng) became famous overnight and successfully got recognition in Hollywood. In a place with few Chinese actors in Hollywood, Zhang Ziyi strived for her dream without too much outside help. With a never-give-up attitude, Zhang has eventually become 认可(rènkĕ) recognized around the world. When asked how she became so popular in just 10 years, she answered:

Wŏ suŏ zuò de yíqiè, qíshí zhĭshì xiăng dāng yí gè gènghăo de nǚyănyuán, ràng zìjĭ de lù zŏu de .
“我   所   做  的 一切,其实 只是   想     当   一  个   更好    的    女演员,    让 自己的 路 走  的

gèng jīngcăi
更      精彩。”

“Everything I do is to become a better actress and to live a more wonderful life.”

生词(shēng cí) Vocabulary:
信念 (xìn niàn): n faith
闻名 (wén míng): adj well-known
一夜成名 (yí yè chéng míng): v become famous overnight

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