YCT 4 Real Exam Question Practice and Analysis

While each successive Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is never the same, there are trends that we can see emerge over and over. This is why reviewing previous exams is useful – when you get used to patterns, question types, and expected areas of knowledge, that frees you up to actually focus on answering the question and show off what you know!
Let’s give these a try:

Real Exam Question Practice

1. 请安静一下,大家先把自己的练习做完,然后再讨论明天参观的事情。

A. 参观 B. 讨论 C. 做习

HSK 3 quiz

2. 我把杂志放在那个白色的信封里了,信封上有你的名字,下周你找个时间

A. 送信  B. 还杂志   C. 买词典

HSK 3 quiz

3. 夏天的天气变化真快,刚才还是晴天,突然就下起了大雨。无论男孩子还

A. 在做游戏 B. 回家去了 C. 去拿雨伞

HSK 3 quiz

4. 谢谢你的帮助,欢迎你到北京玩儿,这是我北京的地址,到北京后一定来找我,我请你吃烤鸭,好,再见。

A. 去找他 B. 换个房间 C. 有新的选择

HSK 3 quiz

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