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物质 (wùzhì) Materialistic & 汗hàn Astonished

Apr. 1, 2015
流行词语(liúxíng cíyŭ) Popular Words

物质(wùzhì) Materialistic

Origin and Meaning:

The phrase 物质(wùzhì) materialistic comes from a poem in Jin Dynasty, and it refers to substance and materials. But with the rapid development of material life, many people are paying more attention to materialistic things while ignoring the spiritual life. So now the phrase, as an adjective, is used to describe someone who is more concerned with material life, such as money, clothes and other objects. 物() refers to matters or objects and 质(zhì) refers to quality.

Usage of the Phrase:

1. Nĭ yě tài wùzhì le ba.
你  也 太  物质  了 吧。
You are so materialistic.

2. Bú yào tài wùzhì le, jīngshen shēnghuó yě shì hěn bìyào de.
不   要  太   物质  了,精神       生活      也 是   很   必要  的。
You shouldn’t be so materialistic, for spiritual life is necessary too.

汗(hàn) Astonished

Origin and Meaning:

The word 汗(hàn) surprise originates from caricature in which you can always see a big drop of sweat on the characters’ faces when they are at a loss or embarrassed. Now it is a popular chatting word and is usually used in daily life. 汗(hàn) means sweat literally, but here it means surprised or astonished.

Usage of the Word

1. Wŏ hàn, nĭ shì zěnyàng zuò dào de?
我   汗, 你 是    怎样      做  到  的?
I’m so surprised. How did you do that?

2. Nĭ yě tài hàn le ba.
你 也 太  汗  了 吧。
You astonish me so much.

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