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Which flowers do you like? (Beginner)

Aug. 22, 2012

Key Learning Point (Preview):

花 (huā) n./v. flower/to spend (money)


 Chinese Valentines’ Day” 七夕节 ” (Qīxījié) is coming.


        Nǐ xǐhuan shénme huā?
Boy: 你   喜欢      什么     花?


          Which flowers do you like?

        Wǒ xǐhuan liǎng zhǒng huā.
Girl:  我     喜欢         两 种      花.


          I like two kinds of flowers.

         Nǎ liǎng zhǒng? Wǒ sòng gěi nǐ!
Boy:  哪     两 种?         我     送 给   你!


          I’ll get them both for you!

        Yǒu qián huā, suíbiàn huā!
Girl:  有     钱      花,    随 便    花!


      I can spend money as I wish.   
      From the above conversation, you can see that the Chinese word “花 (huā)”  has drastically different meanings. When used as a noun, it means flower. When used as a verb, it means to spend (money).

Key Learning Point:

花 (huā) n./v. flower/to spend (money)



Lily xǐhuan gè zhǒng gè yàng de huā.
Lily    喜欢     各 种 各 样         的   花。


Lily likes all kinds of flowers.

Jiějie shì yíge hěn ài huāqián de rén.
姐姐   是  一个 很 爱     花钱    的 人。


My sister really likes spending money.

Tiān na, wǒ yìtiān jiù huā wán le zhège yuè de gōngzī.
天   哪,我  一天   就   花   完  了   这个 月   的   工资。


My God, I spent my entire month’s salary in one day.


1. Which one of the following is not a meaning of “花 (huā)? ”

A. flower        B. spend        C. salary

     Wǒ jīntiān ___le 200 kuài qián.
2. 我    今天___    了200    块   钱。
     I have spent 200 Yuan today.

A. 花 (huā)     B. 丢 (diū)    C. 挣 (zhèng)

Answers to the practice questions: 1. A    2.B

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Hello there, just discovered on Yahoo, and found that it’s really awesome. I will appreciate if you keep writing about this subject in future. Lots of people will benefit from your writing. Cheers! wish you all the best in 2014!

Very valid, pithy, sucincct, and on point. WD.

Hi Buddy,

Thank you~

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