What’s Your Style? (Beginner)


       Nǐ kàn Lady Gaga Xiānggǎng yǎnchànghuì le ma?
Jen: 你看   Lady Gaga  香港              演唱会      了 吗?
       Have you seen the Lady Gaga Live concert in Hong Kong?

       Dāngrán le, nà kě zhēn shì shízú de Lady Gaga fànr a.
Lily: 当然      了,那可  真     是  十足 的 Lady Gaga 范儿啊。
       Of course, it was the epitome of LADY GAGA’s style.

The phrase “范儿 (fànr)” in the above dialogue means “style”. “范儿 (fànr)” is jargon borrowed from Beijing opera, the traditional Chinese operatic style. When the performers are ready to go on stage, they say they are “起范儿 (qǐ fànr).” (Think of “All the world’s a stage,” and you’ll see the connection.)

Recently, this word has been popping up in the media and daily life. You might have seen it in a fashion magazine or heard it in a shop. Normally used after adjectives, “范儿 (fànr)” can be used to describe most fashion styles. For instance, some common styles talked about these days in China are: “欧美范儿 (Ōu měi fànr) European-American style,” and “甜美范儿(tiánměi fànr) luscious style.” You can also say: “他真是太有范儿了 (tā zhēn shì tài yǒu fànr le)” which means “he has his own unique style.”And “范儿 (fànr)” also can describe someone who generally has very good taste.

As “范儿 (fànr)” becomes more and more widespread, it can be used in many more creative ways. It can express someone who has a very good appearance, someone who is attractive, or someone whose style is awesome.

And remember, you say what kind of style you have by putting an adjective before “范儿 (fànr).” So what kind of style do you have?


Wǒ xǐhuan “Gossip Girl” lǐ Serena de nà zhǒng Ōu měi fànr.
我   喜欢    “Gossip Girl”里Serena 的  那  种      欧   美  范儿。
I like the European-American styles worn by Serena, the character in “Gossip Girl.”

Nǐ zhè shēn kě zhēn shì xīng fànr shízú a.
你  这    身    可  真     是  星   范儿十足啊。
Your dress has fully shown off your superstar style.

2012 Ōuzhōubēi shàng de C Luó zhēn shì tài yǒu fànr le.
2012  欧洲杯         上      的 C 罗     真   是  太  有  范儿了。
Cristiano Ronaldo had his own unique stylein the Euro 2012 Championship.


1. When you want to say someone dresses in the European-American style, it is _____ in Chinese.
A. 欧美范儿 (Ōu měi fànr)
B. 甜美范儿 (tiánměi fànr)
C. 明星范儿 (míngxīng fànr)
2. What does “他真是太有范儿了 (tā zhēn shì tài yǒu fànr le)” mean in Chinese?
A. He is handsome.
B. He has his own unique style.
C. He is clever.
Answers to the practice questions: 1. A     2. B

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