What Should I Get My Dad for Father’s Day?

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Did you know we celebrate Father’s Day in China too? This holiday is one of my favorites because I love to give my dad the best gifts possible, as a token of gratitude for all he has done for my life. Many Chinese children do the same for their dads. But what are the best/ most common gifts to give here in China? Let me tell you so you can have a few ideas for your own dad!

1. 陪伴 (Péibàn) Companionship

We have a saying in Chinese that goes like this:
“陪伴是最长情的告白 (Péibàn shì zuì cháng qíng de gàobái).”

Loosely translated it means: “Being there for someone is the biggest sacrifice for love.” By this we suggest to people that the greatest gift you can give someone, a gift that comes from your heart and soul, is simply to be there and offer your companionship.
So, hang out with your dad! He will love the quality time spent with him. Here are a few ways I offer “陪伴 (péibàn) companionship” to my father:
● Give him a “拥抱 (yōng bào) hug.” Now in China we have the tendency to hide our feelings, even from close family members. However, things are changing. More and more people become more open-minded and want to offer warmth and affection to their loved ones. A hug goes a long way in doing this!
● Make a meal for him. Who doesn’t love food? By making him a meal you are offering both quality time and an act of service.
● Play “象棋 (xiàngqí) Chinese chess.” We love this game here in China, and especially our dad’s generation. Play a favorite game of his!
Have you ever heard of “广场舞 (guǎngchǎng wǔ) square dancing?” It’s a super fun dance that often mothers do with the fathers, mostly adults over the age of forty-five. But as kids we can do it with our dads, too! I love to accompany him to these dance-offs and join in a bit so he can share in my company.

Key words:

拥抱 (Yōng bào) hug

象棋 (Xiàngqí) Chinese chess

广场舞 (Guǎngchǎng wǔ) square dancing

2. Special Gifts

● A phone call. Most Chinese people do not call their family members that often. When a holiday approaches like Father’s day, they are not able to go home–because they have to work, go to school, etc. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything! Take the time out to make a phone call and ask how your dad is doing!
● “护身符 (Hùshēnfú) A protective talisman/amulet” for Dad. Though this is a bit superstitious, it actually symbolizes good wishes and luck for the Dad. Sometimes, these little encouragements are a comfort and help a person just feel positive about life in general.
● Customized calendar with family photo. This is a fun one–put together all those photos of your favorite memories into a customized calendar for your dad!
● Make a prize or a certificate that reads “最佳爸爸 (zuì jiā bàba) Best Dad Ever.”
● Plan a trip for him.
● Draw a special comic that includes things your Dad has done for you. This will highlight more of those favorite memories and really touch him.

Key words:

护身符 (Hùshēnfú) a protective talisman/amulet

最佳爸爸 (Zuì jiā bàba) Best Dad Ever

3. Practical gifts:

● Send a “红包 (hóngbāo) red envelope” to your Dad. This often has money in it so he can spend it how he wishes!
● “ 按摩器 (Ànmó qì) massage device.” Who doesn’t love a massage?
● An outfit. Dad often wears the same thing over and over. Buy him some new clothes!
● E-cigarette. To help break those bad habits.
● Memory pillow. Comfortable and will help dad sleep better.
● Razor, watch, tie… these are common dad gifts here in China, too. No dad can have too many of these!
Do any of the gifts surprise you? Have you sent any special gifts for your Dad? Leave us a comment below and share with us your special gifts.

Key words:

按摩器 (Ànmó qì) massage device

HSK 3 quiz

Amy: Jīntiān shì liù yuè shíqī rì, nǐ mǎi lǐwù gěi nǐ bàba le ma?
Amy:  今 天  是  6   月    17 日,你买礼物  给 你 爸爸 了 吗?
Bob: Wèishénme yào mǎi lǐwù ne?
Bob:   为  什  么  要    买  礼物 呢?
Amy: Jīntiān shì ____ jié ya!
Amy: 今 天   是  ___ 节  呀!
A. 母亲 (Mǔqīn)

B. 儿童 (Értóng)

C. 父亲 (Fùqīn)

— Written by Helena —

Teacher Helena lives and works as a Mandarin teacher in Xian, China. She loves to karaoke, go bike-reading and loves teaching her students Chinese!
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