Answer to What Should I Get My Dad for Father’s Day?

Answer: C

Amy: Jīntiān shì liù yuè shíqī rì, nǐ mǎi lǐwù gěi nǐ bàba le ma?
Amy:  今 天  是  6   月    17 日,你买礼物  给 你 爸爸 了 吗?
Amy: It’s June 17th. Do you buy any presents for your Dad?

Bob: Wèishénme yào mǎi lǐwù ne?
Bob:   为  什  么  要    买  礼物 呢?
Bob: What do I buy presents for?

Amy: Jīntiān shì fùqīn jié ya!
Amy: 今 天   是  父亲 节 呀!
Amy: Because it’s Father’s day!

We could first deduct from “presents for Dad” that this is a festival concerning fathers. Then, from the date, “6 月 17 日 (liù yuè shíqī rì) June 17th, the third Sunday in June is the Father’s day. So, the answer should be C.
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4 thoughts on “Answer to What Should I Get My Dad for Father’s Day?”

  1. 一百一 yībǎiyī faultless; impeccable
    冷不丁 lěngbudīng suddenly; by surprise
    this meaning is obscure – can you explain?

    1. jennifer.zhu

      We usually use “一百分 (Yībǎi fēn) A hundred percent” to describe things which are perfect and proper. Because it is full mark in the exam. With regard to “冷不丁 (Lěngbudīng) be taken aback” means giving somebody a good scare. We hope this would help you.

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