Did You Test Positive? How to Describe These Physical Pains in Chinese?

Do you know that the way to greet others has changed a lot recently in China?
In the past, Chinese people would greet each other by saying something like: Hello! Have you eaten today? But now, they say “Did you test positive for COVID-19?” instead.


What made it change? The following dialogue will give you the answer.
xiǎo míng: xiǎo zhōng, zuì jìn zěn me yàng? nǐ yáng le ma?
Xiao Ming: How have you been, Xiao Zhong? Did you test positive for COVID-19?
xiǎo zhōng: shì de, wǒ zuó tiān fā shāo dào le 39 °, jīn tiān zǎo shàng qǐ lái tou hěn tòng, nǐ ne?
Xiao Zhong: Yes, I had a fever of 39°C yesterday and got up this morning with a bad headache. How about you?
xiǎo míng: wǒ yě zhōng zhāo le, xiàn zài sǎng zi hěn téng, hái yǒu diǎn ké sou.
Xiao Ming: I tested positive, too. Now I have a sore throat and a little cough.
xiǎo zhōng: wǒ men kè zhēn shì nàn xiōng nàn dì! xiǎo míng nǐ kě yǐ shì shì bù luò fēn, zhè ge tuì shāo hěn yǒu yòng.
Xiao Zhong: Poor us! You can try ibuprofen. It can bring down a fever effectively.
xiǎo míng: hào de, nǐ yě yào jì dé duō hè rè shuǐ, duì sǎng zi huī fù yǒu bāng zhù.
Xiao Ming: Noted. You also need to remember to drink more warm water, which will speed up your throat’s recovery.

Positive for COVID-19

It turned out that both Xiao Ming and Xiao Zhong tested positive for COVID-19 and were talking about their conditions. If you have contracted COVID-19 unfortunately, you may use the following Chinese sentences to talk about your condition with others.


nǐ yáng le ma?
1. 你阳了吗?
Did you test positive for COVID-19?

wǒ yáng le / wǒ zhòng zhāo le.
2. 我阳了/我中招了。
I tested positive for COVID-19.

wǒ fā shāo dào le x x dù.
3. 我发烧到了xx度。
I have a fever of xx degree.

wǒ de tou hěn tòng.
4. 我的头很痛。
I have a terrible headache.

wǒ xiàn zài sǎng zi téng.
5. 我现在嗓子疼。
I have a sore throat now.

wǒ yǒu diǎn ké sou.
6. 我有点咳嗽。
I have got a little cough.

duō hē rè shuǐ.
7. 多喝热水。
Remember to drink more warm water.

jì dé chī yào.
8. 记得吃药。
Remember to take some medicine.

We hope everyone can stay away from COVID-19 and stay healthy!
What are your tips for recovering from COVID-19?
You’re welcome to answer the questions above by leaving a comment below.

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