Learn the Chinese Language-Answers to the Exercises on the Usage of Interrogative Pronouns
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Answers to the Exercises on the Usage of Interrogative Pronouns

Oct. 9, 2013

1. Answer: C

“哪()” in Chinese is an interrogative pronoun that means “where.” It can be used to ask directions and with the word “儿(er)” or “里().” For example:

Nǐ qù nǎr/nǎ lǐ?
你 去  哪儿/哪里?

Where are you going?

2. Answer: B

“谁(shéi)” is also an interrogative pronoun which means “who.” It can be used as a subject as well as an object. For example:

Shéi jīntiān zhírì?
谁     今天   值日?

Who is on duty today?

Zài zhèxiē nǚshēng zhōng, nǐ zuì xǐhuan shéi?
在   这些    女生        中,   你 最  喜欢    谁?

Amongst these girls, whom would you select as the best?

3. Answer: A

“什么(shénme)” is an interrogative pronoun that means “what.” For example:

Tā shuō shénme?
他  说      什么?

What did he say?

Nǐ xǐhuɑn chī shénme?
你 喜欢    吃   什么?

What do you like to eat?

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