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推特 (Tuītè) Twitter

Mar. 16, 2015


推特(tuītè) Twitter

Twitter is translated as 推特(tuītè) in Chinese language. Twitter is a kind of 微型博客(wēixíng bókè) micro-blog, allowing users to send the 最新动态(zuì xīn dòngtài) latest developments and ideas in the form of a short message, to their followers. All Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters, so each message can be sent as a SMS message. This is one part of the allure of Twitter. Twitter also allows users to broadcast short messages to your friends or 跟随者(gēnsuízhě) followers. Users can read more messages issued by other 推友(tuīyŏu) people who use Twitter. Talking about the 精髓(jīngsuĭ) essence of Twitter, One 推友(tuīyŏu) says:

“Měi gè rén dōu zài zìshuōzìhuà, nĭ kěyĭ kàndào biérén zài zuò shénme ér búyòng zuòchū huíyìng, zhè
“每   个  人   都   在    自说自话,你 可以  看到   别人  在   做    什么   而   不用     做出     回应,     这
yīnggāi shì tuītè de jīngsuĭ.”
应该     是  推特 的  精髓。”
“Everyone is telling their own stories; you can see what others are doing rather than respond, this should be the essence of the Twitter service.”

1. 推特(tuītè) n. Twitter

推特(tuītè) is the word for “Twitter.” The character 推(tuī) means to push and 特() means special or unusual.

2. 微型博客(wēixíng bókè) n. Micro-blogging

微型博客(wēixíng bókè) is the phrase for “micro-blogging.” The character 微(wēi) means micro or tiny; 型(xíng) means model; 博() means ample or rich; 客() means guest; and 博客(bókè) means weblog or blog./span>

3. 推友(tuīyŏu) n. People who use twitter

推友(tuīyŏu) refers to this kind of people who use twitter. The character 推(tuī) means to push and 友(yŏu) means friend here.

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