4 Best Resources That Help Students Get Prepared For YCT Exam

Many parents have been asking me about learning resources for the YCT exams, so here we go.

1. Past Papers and Practice Tests

Doing past papers and practice tests from previous years can help you understand the difficulty of the questions, enhance your answering abilities, manage your time during the exam, and become familiar with the exam format. You can find many past paper materials by searching for “YCT exam past papers” online, and there are also some practice tests available on the Chinese Exam Services website.

2. Textbooks and Workbooks

YCT-specific textbooks such as 《YCT Standard Course》(YCT标准教程)and workbooks can assist you in practicing and understanding the exam format.Through a large number of practice you can gradually improve your Chinese skills.

3. Online Resources

Enhance your Chinese language skills using flashcards or vocabulary apps. Quizlet and Anki are popular platforms where you can find or create YCT-specific flashcard sets. The Chinese Exam Services website offers YCT standard tutorial course that teach you basic Chinese knowledge, helping you establish a foundation for the YCT exam.

4. Professional Chinese Teachers

eChineseLearning can provide personalized one-on-one online Chinese courses. Teachers tailor their instruction based on your YCT level, helping you improve your Chinese skills. They can also adjust the pace of the classes according to your preferred learning style, providing comprehensive preparation for the YCT exam.

If your kid needs assistance in YCT exam, sign up for a free trial class via the form on this page, and we will be happy to help.

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