The Perfect Song in Chinese for Mother’s Day

Rachel from New York recently told us that her daughter Nancy sang a Chinese song to her: “Shì shànɡ zhǐ yǒu mā ma hǎo, yǒu mā de hái zi xiànɡ kuài bǎo. (世上只有妈妈好,有妈的孩子像块宝。)” After understanding the meaning of the lyrics, the mother was surprised and so moved. It turned out that because Mother’s Day was coming, the teacher taught her a nursery rhyme to sing to her mother as a gift.

“世上只有妈妈好 (Shì shàng zhǐ yǒu mā ma hǎo)” is a famous Chinese nursery rhyme that is familiar to each Chinese people. The lyrics in the song is catchy for non-Chinese children so they can learn it with fun and ease.

On the coming Mother’s Day, learn this nursery rhyme with your children so they can have more ways to show love for moms. With a little help from mom and dad, your child can be proud to recite this for Mother’s Day.

They may watch this video to repeat what they hear and follow along with the lyrics below.

Here are the lyrics with pinyin so that our young learners may learn the tones properly. It is recommended that once they have listened to the video a couple of times, introduce the pinyin. Encourage your child to use proper pronunciation and make learning enjoyable too. Need help from a professional teacher? Get a free trial for your child now!

Shì shàng zhǐ yǒu mā ma hǎo
世  上  只 有 妈 妈 好
Mom is the best in the world

Shì shànɡ zhǐ yǒu mā ma hǎo, yǒu mā de hái zi xiànɡ kuài bǎo.
世  上  只 有 妈 妈 好,有 妈 的 孩 子 像 块 宝。
Mom is the best in the world, and a child with a mother is like a treasure.

Tóu jìn mā ma de huái bào, xìnɡ fú xiǎnɡ bù liǎo.
投 进 妈 妈  的 怀 抱,幸 福 享 不 了。
When I fall into mama’s arms, how happy I am.

Shì shànɡ zhǐ yǒu mā ma hǎo, méi mā de hái zi xiànɡ ɡēn cǎo.
世 上  只 有 妈 妈 好,没 妈 的 孩 子 像  根 草。
Who can measure a mother’s love, without her I am so sad

Lí kāi mā ma de huái bào, xìnɡ fú nǎ lǐ zhǎo?
离 开 妈 妈 的 怀 抱,幸 福 哪 里 找?
When I leave mama’s arms where will I find happiness?

Below are the main vocabulary words and phrases your child can focus on. Add the vocabulary to their daily flashcard deck and practice using them in a short but complete sentence for long-term memory retention.

1. mā ma
妈 妈

Mā ma, wǒ ài nín!
妈 妈,我 爱 您!
Mom, I love you!

2. hái zi
孩 子
child/ children/ kid(s)

Hái zi tóu jìn le mā mā de huái bào.
孩 子 投 进 了 妈 妈 的 怀 抱。
The child falls into mama’s arms.

Make this Mother’s Day special by letting your child show mom they love her in their own special way. Perhaps they can write the lyrics on a card, put on a concert after learning some of the lyrics, or simply by saying “Mā ma, wǒ ài nǐ (妈妈,我爱你) Mom, I love you”!

How will you celebrate your own mother this year? If you have children how will you help them show appreciation for Mother’s Day?

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