Learn the Perfect Chinese Song for Mother’s Day

妈妈我要亲亲你 (Māmā wǒ yào qīnqīn nǐ) Mom, I want to kiss you
Mother’s day is coming and it is a day for many people to show their appreciation towards mothers. So how are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day? How about learning this Chinese song!

Watch the video and listen to the song:


Māmā ya wǒ yào qīnqīn nǐ.
妈妈    呀  我  要  亲亲  你。
Mother I want to kiss kiss you.

Qīnqīn nǐ de é’tóu,
亲亲    你 的  额头,
Kiss your forehead,

Mōmō nǐ de yǎn.
摸摸    你  的 眼。
touch your eyes.

Qīnqīn nǐ de bízi,
亲亲    你 的 鼻子,
Kiss your nose,

Mōmō nǐ de ěrduo.
摸摸    你 的  耳朵。
touch your ears.

Qīnqīn nǐ de zuǐba,
亲亲     你 的  嘴巴,
Kiss your lips,

Mōmō nǐ de liǎn.
摸摸     你 的  脸。
touch your face.

Key Learning Points:

1. 额头 (é’tóu): forehead; brow.


Kǎiwén yòng shǒu cā le xià é’tóu.
凯文      用    手     擦 了 下 额头。
Kevin drew one hand across his forehead.

2. 摸摸 (Mōmō): touch.


Nǐ kěyǐ yòng shǒu mōmō.
你 可以  用    手     摸摸。
You can feel it with your hand.

HSK 3 quiz

What is the word for kiss in Chinese?
A. 摸摸 (mōmō)
B. 鼻子 (bízi)
C. 亲亲 (qīnqīn)
D. 额头 (é’tóu)

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