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Are you having trouble in learning the different Chinese synonyms? Are they always confusing you? Well, don’t worry anymore! Our professional teachers can provide detailed resources for you to study Chinese synonyms online in weekly newsletters and on eChineseLearning Answers!

Study Chinese synonyms: “你 (nǐ)” and “您 (nín).”
Both “您” and “你” mean “you.” “您” is the honorific of “你,” which is usually used to address people who are senior to you in rank or age.

Study Chinese synonyms: “就 (jiù)” and “才(cái).”
In Mandarin Chinese the meanings of these two words vary by their context.


Děng yíhuìr tā mǎshàng jiù lái .

Wait a moment. He will come soon.

Bàn xiǎoshí hòu tā cái lái.

He turned up after half an hour.
Study more Chinese Synonyms:

Study Chinese synonyms “吗 (ma), 吧 (ba), 呀 (ya), 嘛 (ma) and 啊 (ā).”

Study Chinese synonyms “认为 (rènwéi)” and “以为 (yǐwéi).”

Study Chinese synonyms “亲身 (qīnshēn)” and “亲自 (qīnzì).”

Study Chinese synonyms “一点儿 (yìdiǎnr)” and “有一点儿 (yǒu yìdiǎnr).”

Study Chinese Synonyms – “还 (hái)” vs “也 (yě).”

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