Answer to What does the phrase “大吃一惊(dàchīyìjīng)” mean?

Correct Answer: D


A.”Happy” means 快乐(kuàilè).
快(kuài) means quick and 乐(lè) means happiness.

B.”Sad” means 悲哀(bēiāi).
Both 悲(bēi) and 哀(āi) mean sad.

C.”Worried” means 担心(dānxīn).
担(dān) means shouldering and 心(xīn) means heart.

D.”Astounded” refers to 大吃一惊(dàchīyìjīng).

It is a Chinese idiom. 大(dà) means big; 吃(chī) means eating; 一(yī) means one and 惊(jīng) means to be  surprised.
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