Strategies to Conquer Picture-based Choice Questions in YCT Reading Section

In each level of the YCT exam’s reading section, there’s a part where students have to select an answer based on images. Many students find these questions confusing and often make mistakes. Today, we’ve compiled some strategies to help your kid tackle the image selection questions in the YCT reading section effectively, ensuring they achieve high scores.

1. Expand Vocabulary and Understanding of Chinese Expressions

Many students struggle with these types of questions due to inadequate vocabulary. Understanding the meaning of the sentences is crucial. Besides recognizing words, it’s important to grasp their meanings and basic Chinese expressions outlined in the syllabus.

2. Carefully Observe the Images

Accurately interpreting the meaning of the images requires careful observation. Pay attention to details like facial expressions, locations, and surroundings to ensure correct interpretation.

3. Identify Key Words

Focus on the keywords provided in the options. These words serve as vital clues. For instance, in “喂,妈妈,你还在开会吗?” (“Hello, Mom, are you still in a meeting?”), “喂” (“Hello”) indicates someone making a phone call. Similarly, in “我6岁,我姐姐7岁” (“I’m 6 years old, my sister is 7 years old”), the key words are “我” (“I”) and “我姐姐” (“my sister”), indicating a picture with two girls.

4. Utilize Elimination Technique

When uncertain about certain options, use the process of elimination. Start by selecting the options you are sure about and then proceed to the ones you are less certain about. This strategy reduces the likelihood of errors and provides a more reliable approach than guessing outright.

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