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Single Boys and Girls Welcome “相亲 (xiāngqīn) Blind Date” in China

Jun. 17, 2011

Single Boys and Girls Welcome "相亲 (xiāngqīn) Blind Date" in China (Advanced)


Key Learning Points (Preview):

相亲 (xiāngqīn): n./v. blind date/to have a blind date


剩男/剩女 (shèngnán/shèngnǚ) n.single boys/single girls


Struggling in the hustle and bustle of city life, many "剩男 (shèngnán) single boys" and "剩女 (shèngnǚ) single girls" find themselves alone as a result of their excessive devotion to work. Under these circumstances, the concept of the "相亲 (xiāngqīn) blind date" is coming back. "相亲 (xiāngqīn) Blind date" TV programs and networks spring up and prosper to cater to this need. Some prominent TV programs like "非诚勿扰 (Fēi chéng wù rǎo)" and websites like "世纪佳缘 (Shì jì jiā yuán)" and "百合网 (Bǎi hé wǎng)" not only lead the industry to a prosperous future, but also provide a much needed platform for people to socialize. Their high reputation and broad acceptance reflect the prevalence of blind dating in today's society.

Actually, the phenomenon of blind date can be traced back to ancient China. At that time, through the work of matchmakers, two families who were previously unacquainted would meet and evaluate the other family's background and personalities. If both sides were satisfied, a marriage could be successfully arranged. A major difference between this and today's blind date is that the decisive power over the partner choice and marriage has shifted from the parents into the hands of the couple themselves.

Key Learning Points:

相亲 (xiāngqīn): n./v. blind date/to have a blind date 


For examples:

    Wǒ hé wǒ de qīzǐ shì tōngguò xiāngqīn rènshi de.
1. 我 和 我 的 妻子是    通过        相亲     认识   的.


    I met my wife on a blind date. 

        Hāi, tīngshuō nǐ zuótiān qù xiāngqīn le, zěnmeyàng a?
2. A: 嗨, 听说     你    昨天   去   相亲    了, 怎么样    啊?


        Hi, I heard that you had a blind date yesterday. How was it?

       Bié tí le, wǒ yìdiǎnr gǎnjué dōu méiyǒu.
   B: 别 提了,我一点儿  感觉     都     没有。


       Don't mention it. I have no feelings for him at all.

剩男/剩女 (shèngnán/shèngnǚ) n. single boys/single girls


For example:

    Hǎo jiǔ bú jiàn le, zuìjìn zěnmeyàng?
A: 好   久 不 见 了,最近   怎么样?


    Long time no see. How have you been recently?

    Bù zěnmeyàng, dōu chéng shèngnǚ le.
B: 不    怎么样,    都      成       剩女     了。


    Not up to much. I am a single girl now.

    Bié dānxīn, wǒ gěi nǐ jièshào nán péngyou ba.
A: 别   担心, 我 给 你   介绍   男     朋友      吧。


    Don't worry. How about introducing a potential boyfriend to you?

    Zhēn de ma? Tài hǎo le.
B: 真     的  吗? 太   好  了。


    Really? Great.
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Yes, at that time, 媒婆 a female matchmaker was a very important job for helping people to marry.

My basic Mandarin tutor told me that 相亲 was the main way to marry in ancient China.

I only know some basic Mandarin; I think 相亲in China is very interesting.

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