Quote of Week (Dec. 31, 2010)

Hūnyīn zěnme xuǎn dōu shì cuò de, chángjiǔ de hūnyīn jiùshì jiāngcuòjiùcuò.
婚姻     怎么    选     都    是   错 的, 长久     的    婚姻    就是    将错就错。

No matter how you choose to marry, it’s a mistake. To stay married long-term is to make the best of the mistake without correcting it.

—A Line from “非诚勿扰2 (Fēi chéng wù rǎo èr) If You Are The One II”
Culture Note:
If You Are The One I was released in 2008 and became one of the most popular movies in China in 2009. It roused public discussion on love and marriage. On December 18th, 2010 If You Are The One II was released.
婚姻 (hūnyīn): n. marriage

长久的 (cháng jiǔ de): adj. long-term

将错就错 (jiāng cuò jiù cuò): to make the best of a mistake without correcting it

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  1. Some of my friends said this movie was hilarious, but I had not heard of it before. The Chinese grammar example “将错就错” in this line seems difficult to me. How can it be used in daily life?

  2. Let me try to clarify this Chinese idiom for you. Here is an example:
    Gōngzuò zhōng fāxiàn cuòwù, jiù yào lìjí jiūzhèng, bù kě jiāng cuò jiù cuò.
    If you find that you have made an error in work, rectify it at once. Don’t accept the error and adapt to it.

  3. I think this Chinese grammar is useful in daily life. Your example seems clear and easy to understand. Thanks a lot!

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